About Us

Ironing board manufacturer and exporter.

Our firm , named “DTY” , was founded in Istanbul , Turkey, has been manufacturing and exporting consisting of mainly” Ironing Boards and Washing and Drying Steps”. They have been delivered all over the world such as ” UK ,Russia, Romania, Irag, Georgia, Azarbaycan and domestic market as well.

DTY brand named was registered with its high quality goods at affordable price. Our production is very range , we can easily face our customers’ demands.We are extremely proud of the benefits of our products. Our firm’s mission is to focus on customer content and market centre. Every one always bears in their minds”Top Quality Goods, Suitable price on Time delivery “. We ensure unbeatable price and quality assurance and all year around supply.We’d like to establish a long partnership as selling quality products.We can gladly change our products according customers’ needs.Your emails are replied within three days . Should you have any inquiry please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Ahmet Ozcan
Sales & Marketing Specialist